It’s been a week full of Year 6 EHC transfer reviews for our team, and we returned to the office with a variety of experiences to share. I have been supporting parents at one of the local primary schools we have worked closely with over the past year. I really look forward to the reviews at this particular school because I know that the child is always at the heart of the meeting. They can invite a friend along, they can choose biscuits to share and their time at the school is celebrated. It is a tricky time for parents facing their child’s transition from primary to secondary school, so putting them at ease is essential. Of course the paperwork needs to be completed and submitted to the Local Authority but the information gathered for this can be done in a fun way that involves the child and accurately captures their voice. This particular school encourages the children to create a film or slides including their views, wishes and aspirations, what is working well, how to support them. They then present the film or slides themselves, and a discussion follows where outcomes for the next key stage are identified. Potential secondary schools are identified and support to view these potential secondary schools is offered. These meetings don’t feel like they are part of a formal process, yet I believe that this approach enables the gathering of quality information to inform the EHC plan. Children and parents often leave the meetings feeling positive and excited about the transition to secondary school, safe in the knowledge that they have been listened to and that has to be a good start.