My name is Zoe and I’m currently in my second year at The University of Manchester studying Psychology. I’m originally from Brighton but I am loving life up north and experiencing everything it has to offer.
I met Sarah from Wraparound at a volunteering fair at Uni and instantly found her passion and dedication to the charity so incredibly inspiring. Sarah told me some personal stories and things she has been through and how Wraparound had helped her, which I found amazing. Often there is so much negativity and difficulty surrounding the topic of special educational needs and the opportunities for both parents and children, however I was instantly aware of the positivity and support this charity provide for their families.

Since volunteering at Wraparound I have achieved a plethora of skills and broadened my awarenessof the support children with special needs and their families receive. I have always had a keen interest in educational psychology, so to see the process of applying for EHCPs from the family’s point of view has been very different to the point of view of a school, where I have completed work experience with a SENCo. The information that Wraparound have provided me with to support my interest in educational psychology has been beyond helpful and has helped me with bigger (much scarier) decisions about what to do after University.

One of the most exciting parts of volunteering at Wraparound was attending the BBC 5 Live Motherhood Mental Health Summit with Sarah. We heard sad, harrowing stories of Mothers who had suffered from mental health illnesses before hearing from an expert panel with advice and support for people who are also suffering from similar problems. This event both supported the work at wraparound as well as my University studies so was very grateful to be invited ! We also got slightly starstruck over the celebrity Mum panel!!

The ladies at Wraparound are dedicated, supportive and incredibly understanding. Their kindness is second to none and I feel very lucky to be volunteering alongside some very inspirational women!

Thank you Wraparound!