One of our parents writes about her experience raising children with special needs and how Wraparound helped her navigate the maize of services…

Hello, I’m the mother of two wonderful children – my son, who is 11, and daughter who is 17, soon to be 18. Both Children have been Global Development Delays (GDD), although the diagnostic process was not a simple one. We attended appointments after appointment with CAHMS, educational psychologists and many more; it was a real struggle to attain a comprehensive diagnosis. Without having all the information I didn’t know how to help my children. To me, the GDD diagnosis was an umbrella term, or catch-all my children are so unique in their abilities but their diagnoses suggests otherwise.

Prior to Wraparound Independent Support, I was passed between organisations, not receiving the help I needed for my son. Thankfully, at the beginning of October, I was referred to Wraparound Independent Support in order to develop my son’s Educational Health Care Plan, and I do not know where I would be without their help.

Although I’m not new to special educational needs, having been acquainted with the world through my daughter and her education, the process did not become easier for me; I felt just as perplexed as I had the first time. All the questions on my sons EHCP were nothing like I remembered. It was a minefield.

Having dyslexia, myself, I sought help regarding technicalities of the forms and paperwork needed for my son’s Educational Healthcare Plan. Because he is in his final year of primary school, there was considerable pressure to maintain his EHCP in order to determine what secondary schools would be appropriate for him. Obviously being a mum, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for him; I was his voice and I’ll always fight his battles. I felt that his primary school couldn’t provide me with the help that I needed for my son.

Wraparound Independent Support were a light in the dark: they were professional in their guidance but friendly and caring in their approach. I knew that they wanted to help me and they went above and beyond to do just that. Elaine, especially, was amazing. I don’t know where I would be without her help. She knew exactly what was required to update my sons EHCP and they made the process so much easier for me. I wouldn’t have known what was needed without their expertise. They were able to organise meetings around my schedule, so I could sit down and go through my sons EHCP with them, involving me every step of the way.

Now my son’s secondary education is all sorted, it’s one less thing for me to worry about. I’ve even managed to organise visitation days in May so he becomes more familiar with the school, and the change is less daunting for him. But the support did not end with his primary education: Elaine continued to advise me with my daughter. She will be turning 18 soon and I sought information regarding her becoming an adult (legally) and whether I would still be able to control her finances.

I cannot thank Elaine, and Wraparound Independent Support, enough for all the support they have provided. I’ve recommended their services to all my friends- they are truly invaluable. Wraparound Independent Support is a kind, caring and professional organisation who really go the extra mile to help you and your child. I’m so happy I found their service as I truly do not know where I would be without their help.

Thank you Wraparound!