Wraparound were invited to BBC Radio 5 Live’s #MumTakeover in Blackpool on 28th November 2017.

Supported by Netmums, Better Start Blackpool and Maternal Mental Health Alliance the event is a chance to discuss the challenges faced by mums of all ages – from post natal depression and anxiety to work/life balance and loneliness – with a panel including a range of experts and a government representative, as well as DJ and Broadcaster Neev Spencer who has been open about her own struggle with post-natal depression and is part of the Heads Together Campaign.

The event is being held at the Blackpool Tower and features a celebrity panel including Stacey Solomon, Rochelle Hulmes, Giovanna Fletcher and radio 5 presenter Anna Foster.

Why are we going? Well, when we heard about the opportunity to take part in the UKs biggest conversation about mums and mental health we couldn’t say no.  All of us here at Wraparound are passionate about raising awareness of the struggles mums face. From a professional and personal perspective we know how common mental health struggles are for mums, it’s very difficult to find a mum who we talk to, or work with, who hasn’t suffered some degree of mental health problems. The system doesn’t seem to be designed to offer relief where it is really needed, the NHS, with the best intentions, offers layers upon layers of complexity in accessing the support that’s really needed.

Our own experience has been one of frustration, isolation and loneliness, often thinking we are the only ones struggling with our specific problems, and it’s so hard to reach out to support networks while mental health problems are still stigmatised.  We have a particular interest in ante-natal mental health – in a period of your life when you are assumed to be happy, excited, blooming, glowing, admitting that you don’t feel those things can feel nigh on impossible. Being met by smiling faces telling you how wonderful you must feel is so hard when you feel scared, anxious, unhappy, worried, and on the edge of losing it.

So we’re off to Blackpool – armed with probing questions and phones in hand to share the event, and do our own little bit in raising awareness of mum’s mental health problems.

Join us as we live tweet from the event, or catch out updates on Facebook #MUMTAKEOVER

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